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St Kitts and Nevis London Association

A not for profit organisation based in London officially launched on the 15th March 2016.

Our aim is to inform, socialize, befriend and prevent exclusion of the St Kitts & Nevis people in the London community


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About us

We are St Kitts and Nevis London Association (SKANLA), a membership organisation with a management team (Trustees) constituted not for profit. Funds are raised via membership fees, fund raising, donations, and gifts. Members are drawn from nationals of St Kitts and Nevis, locals, and the wider community.

We hold social events and celebrations throughout the year and meetings to keep members informed. In addition, Seminars and Workshops will be held around health issues that affect our community and how they impact on the care received by them. We are also working towards the set up of a Luncheon Club and activities to meet the needs of our ageing members who are experiencing loneliness through isolation which can have a diverse effect on their health and well-being. 

Members have the power to shape the organisation and what it does in reflecting the needs of the community as we move forward together.



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