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Claims of power theft made against SKELEC employee

By: Staff Reporter,

…company probing the matter

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - A Cayon resident has sounded alarm bells for his safety and those traversing his yard, as he pointed to an illegal power line running underground through his premises that almost electrocuted him. Despite pleas and several reports to those in authority, the resident is of the view that no one is paying attention to his concern until the matter sees him or those residing there being burnt or electrocuted. According to Devon Norford, the power line runs across the yard on the side of his house, underground and to his neighbour’s house, whom he claimed is an employee of the St. Kitts Electrical Company (SKELEC), and he is accusing the company of turning a blind eye despite numerous attempts to have the situation rectified. Commenting on the situation to SKNVibes News, Norford said he was unaware of it until he went to fix a pipe and came into contact with one of the lines.

He is also of the view that the situation reeks of wilful neglect by some representatives in the company, since the perpetrator is one of their own. “I made reports to them and up to now nobody can’t do anything…I want to highlight that there is a live wire buried in my yard and it runs to the other fellow’s house,” he noted. Norford is very concerned that someone might enter his yard not knowing that there is a live wire running underground and could be electrocuted.

He is now pleading with the authorities to rectify the matter, as his frustration is growing daily for the safety of all. The frustrated Cayon resident suggested that the only way this matter could be resolved is if he takes it to one of the political representatives of the Government; an action which he has avoided by going through the proper channels.

When contacted for a comment on the matter, SKELEC’s Corporate Communications Manager, Patrice Harris confirmed that the report was received by the company from the individual and they are currently investigating. She noted that the company is awaiting documents from Norford to complete their investigation.

EDITOR'S NOTE: SKELEC's Public Relations Department has indicated that the company did not received any complaint from Norford about the claim being made against one of its employees. Further it was noted that the company is not aware of any complaint about the complainant being exposed to electricity to the point that he was almost shocked.

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