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Fire Service wraps up successful Week of Activities

By: Staff Reporter, SKNVibes

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - IN celebration of World Firefighters Day 2022, the Fire and Rescue Service wrapped up a successful Week of Activities, over the weekend, that highlighted and educated the public on its role and service. For 2022, the local Fire and Rescue Service held activities on both St. Kitts and Nevis, showing the work and skill set of officers. Acting Fire Chief Garfield Hodge described the week as a success since it not only educated, but also tested the fitness levels of the fire officers. On Friday, a large crowd had gathered at Port Zante’s Arrival Hall and were impressed by the dazzling display of talent, strength and endurance by the fire officers, as those from St. Kitts and Nevis battled for the title. Speaking with SKNVibes News, Hodge noted that the exercises and fitness display highlighted the level of work put in by the officers to remain at a high standard. “Majority of us are fit but there is always room for improvement,” added Hodge. The Acting Fire Chief noted that the Drill Competition also highlighted the vulnerabilities and strengths that would be worked upon to ensure that the personnel would remain at their optimum, as a split second could cost a life or destruction of a building. As part of their activities for the week, they held a Church Service, a Cicket Match in Charlestown, an Open Day, two Drill Competitions and a Run through the streets to highlight the work of the Fire and Rescue Service While some may see the week as only being about fun, Hodge was adamant that it also brought education to the public about fire and its safety. Hodge reminded that for the first quarter of the year they had seen a decline in the number of fires reported when compared with last year, which he attributed to two factors - more education and cooler weather conditions. “We have seen a significant decrease in fires. When we compare this period to 2021, we would have seen a significant reduction in fires. Much has to be attributed to the weather. In fact, around this time we would have our peak in the wildfire season, but compared this season to last year we probably had a reduction of 50 percent or thereabout ,” disclosed the Acting Fire Chief. With the Federation heading into the hurricane season, more education awareness campaigns will continue in fire prevention and hurricane tips to protect homes and lives, according to Hodge.

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