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One more COVID fatality recorded

By: Staff Reporter,

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - AFTER a period of relative quietude, the twin-island Federation has reported another COVID-19-related death on the island of St. Kitts. In its latest situation report published last evening (Mar. 29), the count moved from 42 to 43, indicating the new fatality. The Federation has been reporting zero to minimal new cases of the virus on a daily basis and this might have caused complacency within society. Many people and organisations have relaxed a number of their protocols to accommodate for the change. Up to press time there has been no official word on the death, but officials are expected to address this at its final press briefing this evening. Since the onset of the pandemic, the Federation has reported 5,549 cases of the virus. Of that number, 43 persons have died and 5,506 deemed to have recovered. According to the breakdown of the data, 36 deaths were reported on St. Kitts and seven on Nevis.

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