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Population and Housing Census 2021 finally gets on the way in Nevis

By: (NIA), Press Release

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (April 21, 2022) -- More than 80 enumerators began conducting the Population and Housing Census 2021 on Nevis on April 19, 2022, one month after the census with the “It’s Me, You, Us 2021 #BeCounted” was launched in St. Kitts and Nevis. Mrs. Dorriel Tross-Phillip, Director of the Department of Statistics in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) told the Department of Information on April 23, 2022 that the delay which was experienced throughout the federation was unforeseen. “Tuesday, 19th of April was the official start of our enumerators in the field doing the field activities for the census. This includes the questionnaires answered by you the general public and the taking of the GPS (Global Positioning System) [location] for each residence. “The census field activities should have started on March 25th but due to technical difficulties with the questionnaire we started yesterday on the 19th,” she said. The Department of Statistics Director encouraged persons to participate and cooperate with the enumerators. “I’m encouraging all persons and residents residing on Nevis to cooperate with the enumerators as they come to your house to ask the various questions on health, education, your entire household from the eldest to the youngest should be enumerated.,” she said. Mrs. Tross-Phillip noted the number of enumerators has been increased to facilitate faster data collection. “We have had an increase in the number of enumerators this time around for the 2021/22 Census due to the increase in population and the housing stock on Nevis. “Due to the increase in the housing stock our enumeration district where each parish is broken down into enumeration districts of 100 houses or less and due to the growth, we have had to split these enumeration districts to more than we had in 2011, thus the need for 88 enumerators that are out and about in the five parishes on Nevis,” she said. The Statistics Department official also urged persons to cooperate with the enumerators. “When they come to your house please be accommodating. Please answer all the questions truthfully and to help enumerators to complete the questionnaires in a timely manner. “The questionnaire should take 45 minutes to a hour for a household of three or less so we are asking that you be accommodating… So for you the general public we just ask you to be courteous to the enumerators as they come to visit your households,” she said. Mrs. Tross-Phillip explained that the information gathered for the census relating to all aspects of the lives of citizens serves as a useful tool for governments to make concise decisions on ways to assist not just households but communities as well. “That’s where we get whether we want new schools or new roads, health centres, community parks, whatever it is government has to get the information and so you provide us with the truthful data and we in turn analyse the data and pass the results over to those that are in charge. Census happens every 10 years and the census is driven by the CARICOM [Caribbean Community]. So CARICOM is the one who sets when census is due; they are the one who do the questionnaire. So the questionnaire is basically generic for all members of CARICOM, so the questionnaire that we have is similar to the questionnaire that will be done in Antigua, Dominica or any other CARICOM country, and so, between 2020 and 2023 most CARICOM countries would have conducted their censuses,” she said.


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