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Recommendations made to move forward from COVID-19

By: Staff Reporter,

BASSETERRE, St. kitts - AS the Federation continues to report limited to zero new cases of COVID-19, a number of changes will be on the horizon based on recommendations by the National COVID-19 Task Force.

Among the changes outlined are the shifting of classes from rotation to full time and the staging of mass events such as Culturama. Those were among other recommendations discussed by the Cabinet on Monday, March 21. “A team from the National COVID-19 Task Force, including the Director, the Chief Medical Officer and the Medical Chief of Staff gave an overview of the situation regarding the management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Federation. The Medical Chief of Staff attributed the success achieved to following the science and making decisions from a health perspective without any political interference. He expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister and Cabinet for allowing the team to function effectively following a life-first strategy,” a post-Cabinet statement read. Additionally, the Medical Chief of Staff, Dr. Cameron Wilkinson, “reported that the COVID-19 Ward at the JNF General Hospital has now been closed for over four weeks. There are presently no hospitalizations and the country suffered a total of 42 deaths. The Chief Medical Officer gave the statistics and made certain recommendations to the Cabinet which will affect lives and livelihoods”.

Also, there is consideration for removing the PCR mandate for entry into the Federation. “ was recommended that the shift system in schools be discontinued and in-person classes return to normal. Certain amendments were made to the protocols where the antigen test approved by the Chief Medical Officer may be used for entry into the Federation, while the mask mandate will be maintained for now. The Director of the National Emergency Operations Center and Chair of the Task Force sought Cabinet’s approval for certain mass events, especially for Culturama to be allowed. He reported on the readiness of shelters for the upcoming hurricane season,” the statement added.

As of yesterday (Mar.22), there were no active or new cases of COVID-19 within St. Kitts and Nevis.

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